Launch event of Nongshim "Shin Stir Fry" Noodles: Completely managed by Rishiraj Media

On 6th June 2022, Rishiraj Media launched the Shin Stir Fry Noodles Event in Select City Walk, Saket. Nongshim Shin Ramyun, Korea's No.1 noodle brand was looking to launch its brand-new product "Shin Stir Fry" in India and it chose Rishiraj Media for the job. Rishiraj Media set up a stall and did food sampling through B2C Customers. It also had interactive activities like Spin to Win, Take a Chance and Photo Booth. It employed the best possible strategies to attract consumers. The Shin Stir Fry Noodles is sure to wake up your spice instincts. In the event, a hashtag was promoted to ensure the launch reaches the right people.

Let's look at the key highlights of the event

  • The launch event started with a beautiful ribbon cutting ceremony by Mr. Chu and Mr. Danny, delegates of South Korea.
  • Then the brand-new product 'Shin Stir Fry' was unboxed by Mr. Danny. It came in a large red box. The red box represents the color scheme of the brand, which is red hot.
  • Who doesn't know of K-Pop? Well, in this event, there was a K-Pop Dance Performance on the inaugural day.
  • 2 Tiger Mascots were one of the major attractions of the event. The mascots roamed around the stall, greeted children and played with them while promoting the product.
  • To make things more interesting, there was a massive pyramid of Shin Stir Fry noodle packs.
  • There was a food tasting booth too. Individuals came in everyday to try the spicy new 'Shin Stir Fry'.
  • This event sure had a lot of games. There was an easy-to-play and fun game called Spin to Win. It gave people a chance to win various goodies/merchandise of Nongshim.
  • Another game included 40 dates related to the new and spicy 'Shin Stir Fry', korean songs & artists.
  • There were other engaging activities like a photo booth which resembled the space of a kitchen. The photos came in a special Nongshim Frame. There was also a caricature artist who drew funny caricatures of people all day.
  • The Nongshim 'Shin Stir Fry' noodles are very spicy but that didn't stop the company from having a Fast-Eating Challenger. Hundreds of participants took part and they were supposed to finish a bowl of super tasty Shin Stir Fry within 20 seconds.
  • Another exciting challenge of the stall was 'Noodles & Chopsticks Challenge.' in which 4 people were required to transfer single strands of noodles from one bowl to another in 30 seconds at the same time. Whoever transferred the maximum amount of noodles, won the goodies of Nongshim.
  • The event also had traditional Korean Games like Ddakji. This game is inspired by the popular series called "Squid Game." Thousands of people came by every day.
  • Another challenge inspired by Netflix's Korean drama; Squid Game was 'Dalgona Cookie Challenge' in which participants attempted to carve shapes out of Dalgona cookies without breaking it.
  • A large LED screen was placed at the center of the stall to attract the attention of potential buyers.
  • Everybody who worked for the event was wearing a customized t-shirt with the hashtag #wakeupyourspiceinstincts.
  • Whoever won was given an exciting gift hamper and Nongshim merchandise.
  • Lots of food bloggers also covered the event and promoted the product. Even blogs like LBB covered the event.