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The National Intellectual Property (IP) Awards aim to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of individuals and businesses that have significantly contributed to the development and utilization of intellectual property in the country. By recognizing the creation and effective commercialization of intellectual property, these awards seek to highlight the pivotal role played by awardees in cultivating the nation’s intellectual capital. The awards endeavor to establish and nourish an intellectual property ecosystem that fosters creativity and innovation.

By showcasing the accomplishments of enterprises in the public domain, the awards program aims to inspire others and facilitate the exchange of ideas and collaboration with academic and research institutions, both nationally and internationally. Another significant aspect is to apprise the government of the endeavors of intellectual property-driven enterprises, providing valuable insights that can be considered in policy-making processes. Through this, the awards program actively engages recognized enterprises in contributing to the formulation of policies that shape the intellectual property landscape in the country.


During the National Intellectual Property (IP) Awards held in 2016, several challenges surfaced, particularly in the registration and nomination submission processes. The prevailing system relied heavily on extensive paperwork, resulting in a cumbersome task of managing and efficiently maintaining data.

The dependence on physical documents demanded a substantial amount of manual effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the participants. The evaluation process brought its own set of challenges, requiring a meticulous analysis of the submitted data. This involved scrutinizing each participant's information to verify its correctness and identify any missing details on the forms. The manual verification process added complexity and increased the overall workload.

Recognizing these challenges, it became evident that there was a clear need for a more streamlined and efficient approach to enhance the overall experience for both participants and organizers in the National IP Awards program.


Rishiraj Media Tech Solutions has been the developer and curator of the award portal for the National Intellectual Property (IP) Awards since 2016. Our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement has ensured the sustained functionality and enhanced quality of the portal over the years.

Through a thorough analysis, we have meticulously tailored and customized an award portal that seamlessly aligns with the unique requirements of the National IP Awards. This state-of-the-art portal eliminates the challenges associated with offline paperwork, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring a smooth and efficient award process. The simplification of award procedures boosted productivity, and the convenience of streamlined user registration and profiles are among the many advantages offered through our digital solutions.

Designed with accessibility and scalability as a core feature, our portal effortlessly accommodates the expanding user base, nominations, and categories as the National IP Awards program grows. Engineered to manage increased traffic and a growing database, it seamlessly integrates new award categories. Participants benefit from informed choices through category management, allowing them to select their preferred award category within our platform.


Rishiraj Media has proven to be an invaluable partner in developing our awards portal. The platform's functionality is seamless, and the user experience is exceptional. We deeply appreciate Rishiraj Media's expertise and dedication, which have resulted in a high-quality portal that precisely meets our needs. The platform serves as a centralized digital hub for all award-related activities, providing a time-saving solution for both organizers and participants. These features, combined, contribute to creating an efficient, engaging, and ultimately rewarding experience within the digital realm.

As we continue to partner with Rishiraj Media, we highly recommend them as a reliable partner for anyone seeking excellence in the development of digital solutions.

Ankita Anupam
Executive, CII IPR

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